WBSC - "Claudio Papini Award"

Claudio Papini is born in La Spezia i(Italy) in the 1931. He begins his sporting career as a rower and he grazes more times the qualification to the Olympiads. It draws near to the basketball and well soon he becomes coach. He married Edda. Coach Papini participated the camp of Arnaldo Taurisano with colleagues as coach Recalcati. The relationship with Taurisano will be decisive for the arrival of coach Papini to Rimini. In 1984 he begins his professional career that it will last for over 23 years. The great job developed to the Basket Rimini produces 22 national youth finals, 5 national championship and numerous trophies. Coach Papini formed many professional players as Mayers, Ferroni, Ruggeri, Semprini, Vitale, Righetti and others. In the 1995 coach Papini came to the Wbsc Supercamp as a Head coach for the first time. Ever since Papini participated into the Wbsc Head coaching staff up to the 2003. He died in the 2005.

  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 13° Supercamp 2006
    2° session Division Ncaa: Righi Simone
    2° session Division Nba: Campanile Francesco
    3° session Division Ncaa: Drago Filippo
    3° session Division Nba: Arcaleni Lucia (WBSC All Stars)
    4° session Division Ncaa: Sicignano Tommaso
    4° session Division Nba: Marboah Theophilus
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 14° Supercamp 2007
    1° session Division Ncaa: Bianchino Paolo e Federica
    1° session Division Nba: Spiriev Oliver, Dellick Gabriella
    2° session Division Ncaa: Colombo Gabriele, Tommasini Francesca
    2° session Division Nba: Milosevic Filip, Gennari Valeria
    3° session Division Ncaa: D’Avella Federico, Donati Ginevra
    3° session Division Nba: Festa Michele, Foroni Federica
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 15° Supercamp “The One” 2008
    1° session Division Ncaa: Mariani Antonio
    1° session Division Nba: Delvino Paolo, Longobardo Renato
    2° session Division Ncaa: Flauret Chiara, Furfaro Daniele
    2° session Division Nba: Mariotti Elena, Mungiguerra Marco
    3° session Division Ncaa: Caragliu Marco, Faleo Tommaso
    3° session Division Nba: Giorni Giulia, Calzoni Umberto
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 16° Supercamp “The One” 2009
    1° session Division Ncaa: Passarelli Ludovica - Mariani Filippo
    1° session Division Nba: Lepri Irene - Podersalu Mikk
    2° session Division Ncaa: Mariani Antonio - Manni Jacopo
    2° session Division Nba: Zechini Giada - Martongelli Jacopo
    3° session Division Ncaa: Sanna Caterina - Riccioli Edoardo
    3° session Division Nba: Alvarez Valentina - Candia Filippo
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 17° Supercamp “The One Restricted Area” 2010
    1° session Division Ncaa: Malandra Giorgia - Napoleone Antonio
    1° session Division Nba: Malandra Giulia - Matovinovic Dino
    2° session Division Ncaa: Cortina Marina - Zoffoli Saverio
    2° session Division Nba: Bonacci Francesca - Montaguti Emanuele
    3° session Division Ncaa: Piccinini Matilde - Sivieri Luca
    3° session Division Nba: Kapitolnik Lee - Minges Jonas
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 18° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2011
    1° session Division Ncaa: Baldi Leonardo
    1° session Division Nba: Bazzoni Margherita and Ludovico
    2° session Division Ncaa: Veroli Francesca - Crema Niccolò
    2° session Division Nba: Migren Yoella - Baruzzo Niccolò
    3° session Division Ncaa: Scardacci Valentina - Fumagalli Riccardo
    3° session Division Nba: Flauret Chiara - Friberg Lukas
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 19° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2012
    1° session Division Ncaa: Camarri Chiara – Speciale Andrea Aldo
    1° session Division Nba: Di Stefano Laura – Ramunni Edoardo
    2° session Division Ncaa: Willen Madeleine – Borini Filippo
    2° session Division Nba: Teigland Caroline – Librera Tommaso
    3° session Division Ncaa: Bruschi Bianca Stella – Del Debbio Andrea
    3° session Division Nba: Colella Gaia – Caleffi Cristian
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 20° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2013
    1° sessione Division Ncaa: Rossi Demetra – Tonani Tommaso
    1° sessione Division Nba: Caprioglio Francesca - Ramunni Edoardo
    2° sessione Division Ncaa: Neri Jacopo
    2° sessione Division Nba: Cannavale Martina – Zucchet Matteo
    3° sessione Division Ncaa: Miccoli Greta – Riccio Raffaele
    3° sessione Division Nba: Ragazzini Melissa – Rota Eugenio
    4° sessione Division Ncaa: Di Stefano Chiara – Akanati Hadrien
    4° sessione Division Nba: Colella Gaia – Taylor Kevin
  • Claudio Papini award winning of the 21° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2014
    1° sessione Division Ncaa: Rossi Demetra – Niccolai Alessandro
    1° sessione Division Nba: Zlatkovic Katarina (Serbia) - Dor Gedalyhu (Israele)
    2° sessione Division Ncaa: Garau Martina - Giordano Nicola
    2° sessione Division Nba: Siosteen Lisa (Svezia)– Wallin Axel (Svezia)
    3° sessione Division Ncaa: Vianello Margherita – Dellera Andrea
    3° sessione Division Nba: Veroli Francesca – Cavalieri Nicolò
  • WBSC - Claudio Papini award winning of the 22° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2015
    1° session Ncaa division: Garau Martina – Bolini Riccardo
    1° session Nba division: Minonne Carolina – De Leon Gonzalo (Uruguay) 
    2° session Ncaa division: Travaglini Federico
    2° session Nba division: Slatkovic Katarina (Serbia)– Sivieri Luca 
    3° session Ncaa division: Bauer Olivia (Austria) – Vespignani Elisa – Mazzini Massimo
    3° session Nba division: Zucchet Matteo 
  • WBSC - Claudio Papini award winning of the 23° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2016
    1° session Ncaa division: Ciccarelli Giada – Caiazza Emanuele
    1° session Nba division: Bottazzi Sofia – Ruscelli Francesco
    2° session Ncaa division: Andersson Elly – Casoli Niccolò
    2° session Nba division: Di Stefano Anna – Giordano Daniele
    3° session Ncaa division: Freda Umberto
    3° session Nba division: Tropea Francesca – Valenti Riccardo  
  • WBSC - Claudio Papini award winning of the 24° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2017
    1° session Division Ncaa: Giangaspero Filippo - Vianello Teresa
    1° session Division Nba: Farnè Lucrezia – Cocciaretto Luca
    2° session Division Ncaa: Quercia Camilla – Asherov Afek
    2° session Division Nba: Ruggeri Emilia Livia – Artuso Nicola
    3° session Division Ncaa: Talluri Jacopo
    3° session Division Nba: Laurenti Elias
    3° session Division Nba: Carle Victoria – Giordano Elena
  • WBSC - Claudio Papini award winning of the 25° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2018
    1° session Division Ncaa: Battistini Lisa – Manzotti Alessandro
    1° session Division Nba: Gysin Sophie – Noelle Karl
    2° session Division Ncaa: Coccioni Camila Vanessa – Azimonti Marco
    2° session Division Nba: Brenna Emanuella – Gargiulo Ciro
    3° session Division Ncaa: Hsu Candice – Rovedi Matteo
    3° session Division Nba: Rospo Alissa – Fanelli Loren
  • WBSC - Claudio Papini award winning of the 26° Supercamp "The One Restricted Area" 2019
    1° session Division Nit: Bardi Maya - Bressan Valerio
    1° session Division Ncaa: De Zotti Pietro
    1° session Division Nba: Ekestig Manuel
    2° session Division Ncaa: Batastini Sheehan Ryanne – D’Onofrio Matteo
    2° session Division Nba: Buhovac Korina – Denti Michele
    3° session Division Ncaa: Fiocco Francesca – Rossi Bellora Leon
    3° session Division Nba: Rospo Alissa – Pirola Flavio