Questions and answers for parents, campers, coach of the WBSC Supercamp

How old must the WBSC Supercamp participants be?

The WBSC Supercamp is for boys and girls between 10 and 20 years old. Only in the first session they can enroll campers of 8 and 9 years

My child does not play basketball in any team. Can he/she participate?

The WBSC Supercamp is open to young people, without any distinction between those who play in a team and those who do not. The camp technical program starts with scrimmage games and evaluation drills, in order to allow coaches to form homogeneous training groups by age, ability, and experience.

My child plays pivot in his/her basketball team. Does the program include a specific training?

Yes, it does. The daily program includes specific training sessions, the so-called "individual classes".

I am a youth coach, how can I participate in the Supercamp?

If you wish to participate as an assistant you have to mail, fax or e-mail us your curriculum. Our technical Staff will contact you. Instead, if you wish to participate as an observer, you can visit our web site, where you will find all necessary application instructions and conditions.

What is the registration deadline?

Registrations are accepted till complete booking of the available places, i.e. about 200 for each sessions.

How can I pay the advance registration fee?

The registration will be completed by the down payment of 200,00 euro. You can email the receipt to Swedish campers have to pay directly to coach Peter Borg. The settlement will be paid at check-in on your arrival in Sportilia. The down payment can be paid by:

Receiver: Wbsc Supercamp
Bank: Crédite Agricole Cariparma S.p.a.
Bank address: Piazza XX Settembre, 15 - 47121 Forlì (Italy)
Bic Swift code # : CRPPIT2PXXX
Iban code: IT02 U062 3013 2000 00046690478


In the payment description please state the camper’s (not the parents’) first and family names as well as the chosen session.

When shall the settlement be paid?

The settlement shall be paid upon checking in, and it can be made cash or credit card, from 9.00 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the WBSC Supercamp secretary's office in Sportilia.

Is there any discount if my child registers with other teammates?

Sure there is. The WBSC SUPERCAMP has decided to reward group registrations of at least 5 people, with 2 special fee bands, called "club discounts":

from 5 to 9 participants: euro 530
more than 10 participants, and brothers: euro 520

The Camper enrolled for 2 sessions pays 530 euro per session and get the saturday night free of charge.

Which documents are required for the registration?

The registration can be made only by filling the online form. To finalize the registration please email to the receipt of the advance fee payment and he health certificate issued for non-competitive sport activity purpose.

Is it possible to have a picture as a souvenir of the Supercamp?

On registering, it is possible to book the 20x30 cm photo of the camp group, which will be handed over at the end of the week. Additionally, during the week, there will be a camp official photographer, to whom the participants can order either printed or digital individual pictures.

If my child arrives by train or airplane, how can he/she reach Sportilia?

He/She must reach the Forlì railway station on Sunday by 12,30 a.m. The WBSC Supercamp shuttle service will take him/her directly to Sportilia (about on hour drive). The WBSC Supercamp shuttle service will drive the campers back to the Forlì railways station. Departure from the camp at 1.00 p.m. (About one hour drive).

From/to Airports; all campers must sign their flights schedule into the online registration form or email the flight schedule to

Where do trainings take place?

All trainings take place within Sportilia. We are hosted in this wonderful sport center, equipped with 3 parquet courts and with 2 outdoor fields with panoramic view on the adjoining mountains. In these fields it is advisable to wear a cap.

How many trainings are scheduled daily?

From Monday to Friday two trainings per day are scheduled: one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The evaluation tests will take place starting from 4 p.m. on the arrival Sunday, the day of arrival.

How long the trainings last?

The morning training usually goes from 8.30 to 12.00 a.m., whereas in the afternoon it goes from 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. However the training duration will be different according to the participant age, and is subject to a daily evaluation based upon the intensity of the previous sessions.
The daily schedule can be reviewed in our web site.

If during trainings or matches my child gets hurt, what shall he/she do?

A masso-physiotherapist and a trained nurse are always present at the Supercamp, in order to prevent and treat any slight accident. In case of trauma or fracture, the kid will be taken to the first-aid station in San Piero in Bagno, or to the Cesena Hospital. During the 2004 camp, a 12-year-old boy had a tooth broken by a ball; upon his parents' consent he was immediately treated at the covering insurance expenses.

What is the composition of the WBSC SUPERCAMP Technical Staff?

The WBSC SUPERCAMP was started in 1993 as youth camp for sheer training. Since then, it has always had the purpose of offering campers the possibility of training with an international staff of chief professional coaches specialized in youth training.

How can I talk to my child?

The reception of Sportilia is open from 8 in the morning until midnight. It is advisable to call during the following intervals:

7,30 – 8,30
12,30 – 14,00
19,00 – 20,30

What are the telephone/fax numbers of Sportilia?

The Sportilia reception number is 0039-0543 996133, the fax number is 0039-0543 996145

Can I call my child on his/her mobile?

It is advisable that campers have no mobile phone, in order to prevent unpleasant accidents like thefts, breaking, and bad jokes. Furthermore, during trainings and meals, mobiles must be turned off.

Can parents and friends stay in Sportilia with the kids?

As a general rule it is not possible, but for special circumstances. Anyway, if parents and friends wish to spend a few days on the Apennines of Romagna there is no problem, they can ask:

Santa Sofia Tourist Information Office 0039-0543 971297
Bagno di Romagna Tourist Information Office 0039-0543/911046

Can parents and friends have lunch with the kids on Sunday, the day of arrival at the camp? 

Yes, they can, until all available extra places are fully booked (about 30). Lunch booking thru the online registration form or to

My child is leaving for the Supercamp. What shall I put in his/her suitcase?

The luggage should include underwear for one week, a bathrobe, a training suit, a fleece, slides, sneakers, and casual outfit for leisure-time.

What about the necessary equipment for trainings and matches?

When registering, each camper receives the Supercamp kit consisting in: reversible jersey and shorts to be used when playing in the league tournament matches. For training, the campers shall put in the luggage their basketball shoes, a cap, socks and sport outfits.

If my child stays for a fortnight, shall he/she bring two outfit sets?

Yes he/she shall. Those staying for a fortnight will receive two Supercamp gear kits.

Is there any laundry service?

Yes, there is. The laundry service is available upon charge, and it must be reserved on the entry card, or upon registration.

My child must diet for health reasons, is there any problem?

No there isn't, you will have to write down your child's needs in the special space of the registration form.

My child is under medical treatment, for which drugs are prescribed. Is it necessary to communicate it?

Yes, it is. On the registration form it is necessary to indicate that the kid is under medical treatment. It will be our care to contact you to know the details, and inform the camp medical staff, who will look after your child.

My child will participate to the Supercamp with some friends. Can they share the same room?

Yes, they can. You just have to indicate the name of the friends in the entry card. The WBSC SUPERCAMP staff will arrange their accommodation in double, triple or, in special cases, even quadruple rooms.

What time are arrivals to and departures from WBSC SUPERCAMP scheduled?

Arrivals are scheduled from 9.00 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the camp initial Sunday, when registration, fee settlement and accommodation will be made at the Supercamp secretary's office. Departures are scheduled on Saturday, after the All Star Games, prizegiving -where parents can attend too- and after lunch, hence after 1.30 p.m.

The youths will be looked after all day long?

The WBSC SUPERCAMP staff looks after the campers 24 hours a day, in order to ensure them a continuos assistance during the whole Camp. It goes without saying, that any serious infringement of the camp regulations, any misbehavior, any damage to equipment or to someone else's properties will imply the immediate expulsion from the Supercamp, as well as the damage refund. We are proud to say that no camper has ever been banished from the WBSC SUPERCAMP.

Is there any outing scheduled during the camp's week?

No there isn't. Actually, the Supercamp means basketball, trainings and matches only. Therefore the campers never go out of the Sportilia campus, which is completely at our disposal, but no vehicle is allowed inside.

My child's club sport season ended in May. What shall he/she do in order to be in good shape for the Supercamp?

Since ever WBSC SUPERCAMP has always had a strong technical character, its focus for fundamentals being the main goal. The hard daily work requires a strenuous physical effort by participants, one day after the other. Therefore, it is both advisable and desirable that the youths do not stop and keep training until the day before leaving for the camp. Do not hesitate to ask our technical staff for a pre-camp individual training program.

How much money shall I give my child for the Supercamp?

The cafeteria and the game room are the only places where campers can spend money in Sportilia. Therefore, our suggestion is to give your child only the strictly necessary money.

Which are the best ways to reach Sportilia?

Sportilia is located at 850 meters above sea level, in the municipality of Santa Sofia, in the district of Forlì. Coming from North, follow the A14 motorway and take the exit for Cesena Nord, from here you follow the E45 highway in the direction of Rome. After about 50 km, take the exit for San Piero in Bagno, then drive in the direction of the Carnaio pass, driving up for about 15 km. Sportilia is located in Spinello, a small village in the municipality of Santa Sofia. Travelling from South, you must take the E45 highway from Rome, passing through Perugia and take the exit for San Piero in Bagno. Coming from Forlì (about 50 km far), take the provincial road to Meldola – Santa Sofia. Once in Santa Sofia (about 30 km far from Forlì), you follow the directions for Spinello.