1st session of the 26° WBSC Supercamp Italy 2019 group Nit from the 8 a 11 years!!

Only in the first week of the 26° WBSC Supercamp Italy 2019, to the group Nit, can have enrolled babies and babies since 8 a 11 years, that will be trained by two international coach, member FIBA for the teaching of the minibasket, Maurizio Mondoni (Italy) and Umberto Piasevoli (Croatia).

6 days of full immersion for the group Nit that together to the groups Ncaa and Nba, will live to the 26° WBSC Supercamp of Sportilia an unforgettable week with so much basketball and new friendships.

In the area coach section Minibasket of our site, has published 35 articles written by the Prof. <span '="" id="s2_2" style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Mondoni Maurizio on the teaching of the Minibasket.

WBSC staff