Francesca Facchini WBSC All Stars chosen by Western Wyoming!!

Francesca Facchini chosen to dress the sweater of the Mustangs of Western Wyoming Community college from the coach Garett Sherman with the great support of coach John Saintignon. 
Great compliments Francesca.

7 incoming freshman have chosen to be Mustangs... these young ladies are very talented and with our returning sophomores will continue to keep our program at the top of our region and help push our college into the national spot light at the junior college level!

From top left to right Fabi Alexandrino guard from Brazil, Anna Radenkova wing from Bulgaria, Darshana Nathan guard from Indiana, Francesca Facchini guard from Italy, Neena Lindstrom guard from Finland, Juliana Alves wing/forward from Brazil, and Tyra Carr forward from Utah.

WBSC staff