Our Mission

The Kids are the center of our philosophy

All the organized sport activities from the WBSC have like main reference the world of the youth basketball. At the Supercamp every boy and every girl lives the week as a professional player. All the practice and games have been thought out for every camper. They are followed with professional ability, technical knowledge and passion by all our Wbsc coaches. The camper that participates to the Supercamp maybe doesn't become a champion, but surely he returns home with an unforgettable baggage of technical improvements and human experiences that he will find useful for its future. While the technical and tactical goals of the Supercamp are designed to achieve the improvement of the individual and team skills, the mental and formative objectives gets stronger the camper’s character. The friendship, the respect of the rules and the team spirit are very important for us.

After many years we have campers that they’re playing in professional championship showing to others people the goodness of our International Basketball School named in the 2004 to our friend Claudio Papini. The WBSC has consolidated in the years to international level thanks to the passion and the competence of its coaches.

WBSC the national and international collaborations

  • Five Star Basketball camp (USA)
  • Snow Valley Basketball camp (USA)
  • Syracuse University (USA)
  • Oregon State University (USA)
  • New Mexico Junior College (USA)
  • Rockford Lightning Basketball (CBA - USA)
  • Croatian committee for Coaches (Croazia)
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israele)
  • Termomeccanica La Spezia (Italy – female division A1)
  • Montepaschi Mens Sana Basket Siena (Italy – male division A1)
  • FIP – Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro
  • CNA - National Coaches Committee
  • USAP - Trade-union for Professionals Coaches
  • EUABC - European Association of Basketball Coaches
  • AEEB - Spanish Association of Basketball Coaches
  • Superbasket - Weekly basketball magazine
  • American Superbasket - Weekly basketball magazine
  • Giganti del Basket – Foundamentals magazine for coaches


Stefano Colombo
Camp director
Pro basketball coach , Phisycal Ed. teacher, conditioning and strength trainer. Great expert of USA campus in order to have coached to Syracuse University Basketball camp, Millersville and University Snow Valley College one of the best Usa camp.
Grassi Giovanni
Wbsc President
Uefa soccer trainer and member of the regional council of the AIAC (Italian Association Trainers Soccer). He’s the president of the Wbsc Supercamp from the 1998.
Fabio Coirazza
International marketing coordinator
Basketball coach from 1975, coordinator in the WBSC for the recruitment of the best coaches for kids and young players. Scout for professional club