Camp registration

Registrations are accepted till complete booking of the available places, about 200 for each session.

For informations, please contact our staff. In case of staff being absent, please leave a message specifying name and telephone number. You shall be contacted as soon as possible.

Stefano Colombo (Forlì)
mobile +39 347 2150425
(9.00 – 22.00)
Fabio Coirazza (Bologna)
phone +39 051 6231250
mobile +39 342 8520412
(14.30 – 22.00)
Giovanni Grassi (Castel S. Pietro T.)
phone +39 051 6951200
mobile +39 338 4691853
(9.00 – 22.00)

All the applications have to be done by the on-line registration. The registration will have to be accompanied by a receipt to the down-payment of 200 euro and the medical certificate that declares the suitability to play basketball. The balance will have to be settled at the camp check-in. All the documents have to be emailed to

Payment of the deposit can be made by bank transfer to:

  • Receiver: Wbsc Supercamp
    Bank: Crédite Agricole Cariparma S.p.a.
    Bank address: Piazza XX Settembre, 15 - 47121 Forlì (Italy)
    Bic Swift code # : CRPPIT2PXXX
    Iban code: IT02 U062 3013 2000 00046690478
    in case of further bank info please ask to:

Fill the deposit payment with name, last name and date of birth of the camper.

The deposit shall be refunded minus an amount for office expenses, only on condition of cancellation being made within and no later eight days before the date of beginning of the select session. No refund shall be made in case of the camper withdrawing for family, personal or disciplinary reasons before the end of the camp.